Enabling the right decisions

Going Green With Data

If we are going to be successful reducing emissions and increasing our competitive edge we need data driven decisions
EUs new taxonomy

EUs new taxonomy links interest rates to emissions. This means that companies that take action reduce their emission can get better


The law requires companies with more than 50 employees to be transparent about how their activities influence human rights and working conditions.

Competitive edge

In public tenders as well as more and more commercial procurements, the environmental implications of your solutions are becoming part of the evaluation

Difficult to know how investments impact emissions of CO2

Knowing how much CO2 you can save from an investment or comparing different investment opportunities. Calculating the cost per tonnes CO2 reduced will give you the ability to make the best decision for you.

Most tools calculates within silos

Most tools used today are created for a specific industry or problem, and makes it difficult to compare vastly different solutions

Based on factors

The frameworks most popular today are based on emission factors for different "work" This does not take into account local variations and effects.

Don’t show the full picture

Only by setting the investment in a wider context can you evaluate the actual cost and sustainability

This Is How SEIDR.AI Works

Gaining knowledge through simulation

Digital twins of energy systems

SEIDR.AI creates a digital twin of energy systems, be it vehicles, vessels, or industry processes

Time domain simulations

Using the digital twin, we simulate the operation of the energy system or systems in different scenarios throughout a day, year or its lifetime

Life cycle cost and emissions

Aggregating data from the simulations makes it possible to calculate life cycle cost and emissions from the different scenarios


Using the simulations makes it easy to compare different solutions and scenarios


We look past just direct emissions and effects, and try to see how the scenario impacts the larger energy system


SEIDR.AI, makes it easier to learn from past projects, and use data to ensure that we continuously improve

Based on verified algorithms and methods

A New Approach to Engineering

Verified Algorithms
The algorithms in SEIDR.AI are tested and verified in numerous projects
Easy communication across disciplines
SEIDR.AI makes it easier to collaborate and share data across disciplines
Choosing the best scenario
Evaluating many scenarios quickly allows you to investigate which solution is best for you
Data driven decicions
Base your decisions on data and insight


Some of our early customers

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A multidisciplinary team with experience from start-ups and large projects
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